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Flex Gives Back


Help Us Bring Yoga To Kids

For every client that attends from December 12th - December 24th Flex Yoga will donate $1 to the Flex Yoga kids program! 

If you feel led to donate you can do so from the Flex Yoga app store or by purchasing items off of our Kids Yoga wishlist on amazon!


               December 12th we will begin posting on social media and on our website "12 Days of Flex Giveaways"! If you're curious what this means, keep reading 😁 When you attend a class at Flex Yoga (in studio only) from December 12th - 23rd you will be entered into a special giveaway for the day you attend. On top of that, for any classes you attend during that time frame you will be entered into the grand prize drawing (which is quite the amazing grand prize)! We will post each daily prize the evening before. 12 prizes will be given away the first day then each day it will decrease by one but the prizes get sweeter and sweeter! The grand prize winner will be announced December 24th after our flow with Annie and Chrissy. We will have a celebration with cider and cookies. (you do not have to be at the celebration to win, although we would love for you to be there).

Along with all the giveaways, keep an eye out on social media for extra ways to win entries and discount promos! 

**If you need another reason to come to class we are also donating $1 for every student that attends a class during this time frame to our free Kids Yoga classes!

That's all folks, let us know if you have any questions, we can not wait to see you during this holiday season!

***Any time during the giveaways you bring in a brand new friend that has never been to Flex Yoga before you get 3 entries into the grand prize drawing! Just sign the clipboard at the front desk

***Every class you attend from Dec. 12th-23rd enters you into the grand prize drawing***

#12DaysofFlexGiveaways #12DaysofFlexGiveaways2023

Daily Giveaways
Attend class to be entered to win each day!
Each time you attend you will be entered into the grand prize drawing!
December 12: A cookie from KrumblesByStephanie!
December 13: $10 off the boutique
December 14: A Nalgene Water Bottle from Boo Bears Brew!
December 15: A Local Roots specialty chocolate bar!
December 16: A Drop In Pass
December 17: A Handmade Decor Macrame Rainbow
December 18: 1 Free Sauna pass and two cookies from Cookie Snob!
December 19: 1 Free Reformers Class Pass
December 20: Sure House or Ashley Rettig(haircut) Gift Card
December 21
: Lululemon Belt Bag
December 22: $25 Grigio giftcard and a Blue Spruce gift basket!
December 23: 
 Grand prize - 1 60 minute massage &
1 Sauna Session steam basket and gnat bee 2 hr organizing session with melissa

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