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We are excited to offer Reformer Pilates in Wooster!

Current Class Offerings:

Reformer Basics
Reformer Basics focuses on learning and practicing fundamental Pilates techniques, breath, and basic reformer exercises. These classes combine traditional and contemporary reformer movements that target all areas of your body and emphasize building a strong core, as well as proper muscle engagement through the use of spring resistance. You can expect a low impact exercise that makes you work!

Mondays @ 5 PM
Saturdays @ 8 AM, 9 AM, and 10:15 AM

Sundays @ 10:30 AM

Class Pricing:
$30 Single Session
First 5 Pack: $125
Five Pack: $140

*Book on the Flex Yoga App under CLASSES*

Current Private Offerings:

A Reformer Program based on your needs, goals, and schedule.

Appointments available 7 days per week.

Private Pricing:
Solo 1 Session $70
Solo 5 Sessions $300
Duo 1 Session: $110
Duo 5 Sessions: $500

*Book on the Flex Yoga App under APPOINTMENTS*

Reformer Cancellation Policy:
Clients may cancel their reformer booking up to 24 hours prior to class to receive their pass back for a future session. Clients who cancel less than 24 hours before class will lose their pass.

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