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Flex Yoga Wellness

We are more than a Yoga and Fitness Studio. At Flex Yoga Wooster, we know that self-care and wellness are important to overall well-being. That's why we offer comprehensive wellness services from highly trained practitioners. Wellness Services take place in our Wellness Room, located on the second floor or our building, just outside of the studio. Check in for Wellness Services is in the Flex Yoga lobby. Wellness Services are by appointment, and our practitioners have flexible availability to fit your busy schedule. To book, email, call (or text), or use the form below.

Meet The Team


Christine Canter

Christine is an E-500-RYT, E-200 RYT and YACEP®. She is also a Karuna Reiki Master, Holy Fire III Reiki Master and Usui Reiki Master. She found her way to her mat after having her children. She was in need of some Mind & Body connection but discovered so much more. She discovered a Soul connection to the energy brought forth from yoga, from breath awareness and movement; she found healing in another form.
She enjoys offering classes that will allow students to find a space within them where they can just be who they are in that moment; without expectations or judgements; to breathe, to move, to connect back to their essence of themselves, to take what they need and leave the rest. To be able to share parts of her journey to help students feel embodied and empowered in themselves, to give them the tools, the intentions, to continue to reach their highest potential on and off the mat is why she is passionate about helping others find their practice.


Debora Galaz

Debora Galaz hails from Santiago, Chile. She is the oldest of five siblings, all of whom still live in Chile. She came to the US at age 20 and finished her degree in Elementary Education at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. She met her husband in Madison, but they soon moved to Wooster where he is from in order to raise their two children closer to his family. When she's not teaching dance fitness classes, she manages her fiber arts business, making a variety of felted wool clothing accessories and ornaments and selling them online and at Local Roots Market. Debora Galaz discovered Reiki by happenstance while seeking out a massage -- the masseuse was not in that day, but the Reiki practitioner was, and her vision of "body work" was forever changed. She loves the feeling of mind and body balance that it brings. She is certified at Reiki Level 1 & Level 2, in the Usui Reiki Ryoho tradition, having completed her training at Yoga on High in Columbus.


Sarah Schonauer

My name is Sarah Schonauer, and I am excited to offer Biofield Tuning. Biofield Tuning is a method of providing vibrational coherence to the energy field with tuning forks. Our energy field holds the patterns and memories of our lives.  I come from a medical background, having recently retired as an obstetrical nurse of 45
yrs, and a master's prepared nurse midwife for part of that time. I also come from an energetic backgound. Working first with Therapeutic Touch, then Touch for Healing, then lovely Reiki – 3rd degree in the Usui tradition, 3B in The Radiance Technique and 1st 
degree in Five Element Reiki. I added Auricular Therapy, and The Reconnection and Reconnective Healing. For another dimension I added Spiritual Insight Training from Fellowship of the Spirits in Lily Dale, and Medical Intuition with Tina Zion. All of these elements have contributed depth and broad perspective to my interactions with clients. On a more personal note, I am married to a retired massage therapist, have adult children and a pile of energetic grandchildren. I enjoy getting lost in creating colorful baby quilts and wall hangings, gardening, and soaking in the energy of our woods.

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