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Reiki Master Mentorship

The Reiki Mentorship Program offers 3-6 months of ongoing 1:1 guidance, support, and advanced training from our Reiki Master Teacher, Christine Canter. During this time, she will draw from her years of practice and experience to guide you and help you grow both personally and professionally through the power of Reiki.

The program designed to prepare the reiki student/practitioner for a fulfilling practice into a Reiki Master.  Build confidence, develop core skills, and find a deeper connection to your reiki practice and offerings.

Eligibility: Reiki Level 2 or Master


Program Components
Subject to change

  • Reiki Master Attunement/Placement

  • One on One coaching sessions with Christine, in person or virtually

  • Email/phone support during the duration of the program

  • Independent Studies

    • Readings with reflections; self-practice

    • Required Sessions – written feedback from clients plus practitioner session summaries

    • Reiki Shares

    • Receiving sessions from Reiki Practitioners, sharing reflection

  • Revisiting assessment tools and variations

  • Support for working with different kinds of issues in the physical, subtle and causal realms

  • Accelerated training on how to use your Reiki II/Master skills in practice

  • New energy work tools to weave into your Reiki sessions such as help with smoothing the aura, relieving pain, balancing the chakras, etc.

  • Guidance on how to set up your clients sessions and build your Reiki Practitioner business

  • Reviewing and expanding upon core elements of your training and practice

  • Exploring the chakras and energy system more deeply

  • Receiving guidance for bringing Reiki into your daily life and deepening your Reiki self-care practices

  • Exploring how to address or resolve practice related challenges and concerns

  • Raising your awareness about trauma and its impact on the treatment process

  • Receiving support in creating and/or building your professional practice

  • Developing resources, forms, and tools for your practice

  • Addressing questions related to experiences with clients, self-care, training, and any other related concerns

  • Preparing to attune and teach Reiki to others

Mentorship Investment and Commitment

As a mentee, you are making a commitment to yourself and your personal and/or professional Reiki practice. The mentorship program is a minimum of a 3 to 6month commitment that includes practice and coursework outside of the scheduled meeting times. The length of time will vary from individual based on the above criteria.  The program is built and intended to be completed in 6 months or sooner.

Full investment for your Reiki Master Mentorship Program is $997 or you can sign up for a monthly payment plan.  Payment is due upon acceptance into the program.

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