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Yin Yoga Foundations

Led by Christine Canter, ERYT 500

Saturday 10/22 & Sunday 10/23

10:30 AM - 4:30 PM each day

Investment: $250

About this Training

Yin Yoga Foundations Training covers the basic elements of how to practice and teach Yin Yoga.

This training is suitable for those wishing to teach Yin Yoga, or those simply wishing to develop a deeper understanding of the practice. Yin Yoga trains and strengthens the Yin tissues of the body, the Yin energy of the subtle body, and the Yin capacities of Mind and Heart.

What training covers:
- What exactly is yin yoga
-Brief History, principles, and benefits of yin yoga
-Concept of yin and yang
- Anatomy as it refers to yin yoga - including muscles and connective tissue
-Breakdown of yin yoga asanas - including step by step instructions, pose variations, benefits, and contraindications
-Explore safe and healthy alignment for individual bodies
- Sequencing – planning a well-balanced offering for our students
- Gain knowledge and experience on assisting students in yin asanas
- Teaching tips
- Class environment
- Class structure
- Safety considerations


All are welcome to attend; Yoga Alliance Continuing Education for Current Yoga Teachers.

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