Welcome to Flex Yoga Aerial! Our highly trained instructors and state-of-the-art safety systems and equipment will help you have an amazing time learning to fly. Please read this page and class descriptions before attending your first Aerial class at Flex.

Due to the Aerial Cancellation Policy: Due to the amount of preparation required for Aerial, and the limited number of spaces, cancellations less than 24 hours before class start time will incur a late cancel fee. For unlimited pass holders, a drop in fee of $12 will be billed to your Flex Yoga Account. For drop ins and limited pass holders, a pass will be used.

Shared Hammock Policy: Flex Yoga provides shared hammocks for your use. Aerial Hammock kits are also available for purchase in our boutique.

Aerial Dress Code: Fitted leggings or yoga pants that cover the backs of your knees, as well as a short or long sleeve top that covers your armpits are recommended. Covering knees and armpits will offer the most comfort in the silks, especially those new to aerial yoga. You may want to wear athletic pants that tie at the waist for security, or leggings under athletic shorts. No shoes, socks, jewelry, or glitter allowed in the silks. Long hair should be pulled back, so it doesn’t get caught in the silk or impair vision while upside down.

Contraindications: It is recommended to avoid aerial yoga if you suffer from heart disease, extremely high or low blood pressure, glaucoma or severe arthritis, to name a few. While pregnant individuals are welcome in all other Flex Yoga classes, they not permitted to attend Aerial Yoga at Flex.

Weight Limit: Our attachments points were installed by a Structural Engineers and we use climbing-grade equipment. There is NO weight limit for Aerial Yoga. Our set ups are graded to be able to hold 2,000 pounds of force.


Saturdays at 10:15 AM

Aerial Basics is just what you need to begin your journey into flight. Clients will be familiarized with the aerial hammocks along with basics safety and best practice. In this class you can expect to see introductory aerial shapes and inversions. This is a great precursor to ourAerial Flight Class. 

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Mondays at 4:30 PM


Saturdays at 11:30 AM

This advanced aerial class offers practitioners the opportunity to explore a wide range of poses and techniques. Together with the instructor’s guidance, you will be able to challenge yourself and reach all new heights. Experience in Aerial Basics is highly recommended, but not required.


Fridays at 6:45 PM 

*cancelled the first Friday of each month for Flex First Fridays.

Join us for an hour to just play in the silks! A great opportunity to work on something really specific, or to get some one-on-one feedback and instruction from our awesome Aerial instructors! This is an ideal time to work on your silk skills, particularly for those looking to make the jump from Aerial Basics to Aerial Flight.

Open Silk

Kids Aerial is the perfect class for ALL kids: they will learn to build strength and control in the body and concentration in the mind as they swing and hang in the Aerial Silks. Kids will leave tired and happy- they won't even realize they have done a workout! This class is also excellent for the young athlete who would like to increase arm and core strength. Recommended grades 1-6, but all ages welcome. Parents are asked to drop their children off at the red room, and then move to the lobby or the community room, or even leave the studio if they'd like (parents of children under 8 are asked to remain on studio premises). With 10 minutes left in class, the doors will open and parents will be welcomes back into the studio space for their children to see what they learned.