The Power of Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga yoga is system of purification for the body, nervous system, and mind through the fire of sadhana (daily practice). The vinyasa method, linking breath and movement, heats the blood and purifies it by helping it circulate easily and separating out the impurities (like melting gold ore to purify it). With the heat of practice, the tristhana, or three points of attention, are used to purify the individual. Asana, or posture, strengthens the body and provides it with flexibility. Rechaka and puraka, or the inhale and exhale, when performed evenly and steadily, purifies the nervous system. Dristhi, or the point of gaze in asana, purifies and strengthens the mind through focus.

If you have any questions about starting your Ashtanga practice, email us! 

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Ashtanga Instructor

Andy VanDeusen, ERYT-500 and Flex Yoga Assistant Manager and Wellness Room Manager first came to yoga as a college athlete looking to improve his flexibility, core strength, and stability in both rowing and capoeira. Recognizing the powerful impact that a regular practice made on his body and mind, Andy’s passion for yoga grew. In 2015, his practice expanded from Power Vinyasa Flow to include a regular Ashtanga practice. Inspired by the rhythmic power of the Ashtanga method, Andy traveled to Mysore, India in 2016 for three months to practice with Saraswathi Jois, and plans to return.

Andy’s classes encourage students to explore personal development in mind, body, and spirit, while promoting peace and mindfulness on and off the mat. He enjoys practicing and teaching the art of hand balancing and Acro Yoga in addition to Power Vinyasa Flow and ashtanga.

Most importantly, Andy remains a student first, to help his students find a practice that best fits their lifestyle. His continued study of anatomy, through Biology and both Thai and Therapeutic Massage, enables him to teach each student in a way that is unique to their own body. Andy regularly travels around the U.S., meeting with other yogis in order to learn and expand his personal practice. 


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5 AM-7:30 AM

In Mysore Ashtanga, you will be taught the Ashtanga Yoga sequence a bit at a time. You will practice independently in the room with others who are moving through their own practice. Andy will offer one-on-one guidance, feedback, and assists. You do not need any experience for Ashtanga Yoga, and the individualized aspect makes it ideal for all practitioners - from beginners looking to begin their practice to those with more experience looking to work on alignment and deepen their practice.

The Mysore style of yoga instruction welcomes anyone looking to deepen their practice in body and mind, from beginner to experienced yogi. Students new to the practice will receive more attention, but as one’s familiarity increases, independence increases as the need for assistance decreases. Students receive individual guidance and progress at their own pace, adding new postures as they are ready. Please expect your first practices to be short, but know you and the sequence will grow together.

Practice runs for 2.5 hours, but you are not required or expected to be there for the whole time. These flexible hours allow you to show up when it is right for you and stay just for the length of your practice.

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Limited Classes

First Session: Free

Single Session: $15

10 Pack: $100

Unlimited Passes

First Month: $50

One Month: $100

Six Months: $500

Monthly Autorenew Unlimited

Six Month Contract: $90/Month

Year Contract: $80/Month

Student Pricing

One Month: $50